X30 series pod

X30 series pod is equipped with 30 times optical zoom lens, large-scale CMOS, high-definition photosensitive component and tri-axis high-precision autostability platform, thus could be widely used in routing inspection, monitoring, security protection and other fields.

X30 series pod

X30 series pod

X30 Pod air-terminal image transmission Ground-terminal image transmission Display terminal

One-stop task system

TopXGun task equipment system is constituted by the pod series, data chain series and open-type software platform. The rich equipment selection greatly satisfies the application demands of different subdivided industries. Once it is matched and used with TopXGun flying control series, it can achieve high integration of products, and can be used independently or in combination with third-party network transmission and flight controller.

High Pixel High Accuracy

Sony sensor

X30T 1/1.8CMOS 200w effective pixels, intelligent tracking, more suitable for safety protection field X30 1/1.8 CMOS 500w effective pixels, more suitable for monitoring field. X30GT 1/1.7CMOS 1200w effective pixels, intelligent tracking, more suitable for routing inspection field.

Adopt tri-axis high-precision autostability platform technology. The autostability precision can reach ±0.008°. Even in long-time exposure or high-speed flight, the image can still be maintained stable and clear.

Information record Quick dismantling and easy operation Open SDK Target tracking

Intelligent tracking

X30T and X30GT have the target tracking function, which is more conducive to tracking the moving targets.


Industrial application

  • Route inspection of pipe network

    X30 can inspect the power lines, oil pipelines, telecom base stations, and wind power photovoltaic facilities from a distance flexibly. It can improve the inspection efficiency, and become safer and more efficient.

  • Transport monitoring

    X30 can not only monitor the overall transport of the road, but also can amplify the image for local observation, thus being flexible and convenient.

  • Fire protection and rescuing

    X30 can overlook the overall condition, provide real-time image information, help the fire protector to accurately grasp the scene condition, give rescuers accurate positioning, and promote the fire extinguishing and rescuing efficiency.

Function overview

Model List sensor Total pixel Pointing zoom
Intelligent tracking GPS information
Application field series pod 30 times 35 times 30 times 35 times Monitor Security Inspection Security defense