Professional TiA Plant Protection Flight Control

The new TiA series flight controller system is a safer and more reliable flight controller product with accurate control which is independently developed by TopXGun. TiA product is developed based on TopXGun flight controller architecture of the second generation. In addition, it conducts comprehensive optimization to the plant protection industry, thus dramatically improving the work efficiency and realizing the intelligent UAV plant protection operation.

Professional TiA Plant Protection Flight Control

Professional TiA Plant Protection Flight Control

GPS GPS double IMU

Multiple redundancy system

The TiA series products adopt dual IMUs, dual barometers, dual GPS redundancy configurations, and IMU factory-grade industrial calibration.

The built-in processor core with high-speed operation has the high-efficiency computing power and secondary development capability, so as to fully meet the stringent requirements of industrial applications.

Expand the application potential

Use with RTK equipment

Realize cm-level high-precision positioning

Ensure spray effectiveness and flight safety

Coordinate with APP

Achieve more intelligent operation planning

Coordinate with pump system

Realize accurate spraying operation

Multiple operation modes

The user can set flight and operation parameters according to actual operation requirements. Ti-A automatically completes route planning and provides users with four operation modes: AB point operation, regional planning operation, semi-automatic operation or manual operation to meet the operation requirements in different environments.

AB point operation

In the AB point operation mode, users can set the A and B points as the peaks of the work area through the remote control, and the aircraft will automatically spray the pesticides according to the set route, thus it is suitable for the operation in regular large areas.

Regional planning operation

In “agriculture assistant”, users can select the operation areas, set operation intervals, flight speeds, flight altitudes and other information. After that, the aircraft can fly between the set intervals automatically, cover all areas and complete the operation.

Electric fence

The electronic fence function ensures that UAV can fly in the legal area, making users feel more relieved.

No-fly zone

UAV cannot fly in the no-fly zone to avoid unnecessary risks.

Terrain following radar

It can have real-time perception of the distance between the plant protection machine and the plant to be applied, so as to ensure that the distance between the plant protection machine and the plant remains unchanged, ensuring uniformity of spraying.

Obstacle avoidance radar

The plant protection machine can sense obstacles within 20 meters during flight and greatly improve the safety of plant protection operations.

Agriculture assistant

Enterprise-level job assistance and Job Management Solutions

Agriculture assistant App provides complete operation assistance and operation management solutions for the plant protection industry.The software includes functions such as automatic operation and voice broadcasting, which can greatly improve the operation efficiency and ensure the operation safety at the same time.Land management, operation area statistics, aircraft and pilot management and other functions assist plant protection team to conduct operation management quickly and effectively.