Professional TiA Plant Protection Flight Control

The new TiA series flight controller system is a safer and more reliable flight controller product with accurate control which is independently developed by TopXGun. TiA product is developed based on TopXGun flight controller architecture of the second generation. In addition, it conducts comprehensive optimization to the plant protection industry, thus dramatically improving the work efficiency and realizing the intelligent UAV plant protection operation.

Professional TiA Plant Protection Flight Control

Professional TiA Plant Protection Flight Control

Professional TiA Plant Protection Flight Control  Technical parameter

Flight characteristic

Hover precision
(good GNSS signal)
Horizontal ±1.0 m, vertical ±0.5 m (enabled GNSS)
Horizontal±10 cm, vertical ±10 cm (enabled RTK)
Vertical±0.1m (enabled radar)
Maximum flight speed <10m/s
Maximum rising speed 5m/s
Maximum falling speed 4m/s
Maximum yaw speed 150°/s(configurable)
Maximum inclined angle speed configurable
Wind resistance <8m/s

Electromechanical performance

Input voltage 12v
Working temperature -20℃~80℃
Weight 147g
Interface characteristic CAN, COM, SBUS, F1-F3 expansion port,
10PIN integrated interface
Indicator light Power light, status indicator
size 106mm*71mm*26.5mm
Support mult-rotor type Quad-rotor wings, Hexa-rotor wings, Octo-rotor wings

Peripheral equipment

Input voltage 48v
Interface type CAN, PWM, 10PIN integrated interface, XT30
Temperature of work environment -20℃~80℃
size 110mm*110mm

Professional TiA Plant Protection Flight Control packing list

FCU Terminal×1 Intelligent Control Board Terminal×1 Distributor Terminal×1 GPS Terminal×2 4G patch antenna Terminal×1 accessory Qualification certificate×1 10 PIN Connecting line×1 M3*10 screws×3