Agriculture Assistant


Agriculture assistant APP is a management platform for the plant protection industry, providing platform level job assistance and job management solutions for Ti-A users.For different users, the agriculture assistant APP provides free services and customized services, and is committed to improving the work efficiency of users in the management and use of the plant protection machine equipped with Ti-A flight controller system, and providing complete, friendly and consistent user experience.

Enterprise-level job assistance and Job Management Solutions

Agriculture assistant App provides complete operation assistance and operation management solutions for the plant protection industry.The software includes functions such as automatic operation and voice broadcasting, which can greatly improve the operation efficiency and ensure the operation safety at the same time. Land management, operation area statistics, aircraft and pilot management and other functions assist plant protection team to conduct operation management quickly and effectively.

land mapping

The App supports 5 ways of land mapping, including handheld GPS dotter mapping, aircraft GPS mapping,RTK mapping, map selection, mobile phone GPS selection, and RTK multi-function base station mapping, and uploads the data to the operation team for sharing.

Intelligent Route Planning

After the completion of land mapping, the App will plan the route based on the user's preset spray amplitude, and the speed and height of the route execution can be adjusted freely.With the function of "route translation", the route can be fine-tuned in four directions: southeast, northwest and north as a whole, or the deviation can be corrected with one key by referring to the function of point deviation correction.

Full autonomous operation

The aircraft will take off automatically according to the intelligent route planning (the remote control is required to unlock) then execute the spraying route without human intervention.In the operation interface, you can see the route, trajectory, aircraft status, and can control the aircraft with one button.

Voice broadcast

In the process of operation, the App will broadcast the aircraft status and warning information in real time, so that the pilots can know the real-time status of the aircraft without distraction.

working area Statistics

According to the distance between the water pump switch and the skyway, the system can calculate the working area in real time.

data service

Agriculture assistant app provide data service includes land data and flight data. Flight data can be Shared with the exported data file, and land data can be deleted or manually edited again.


UAV Management

Agriculture assistant system can set the name for the aircraft, open the unlock operation permission, and view the aircraft operation record, and replay the flight record.

Pilot management

Agriculture assistant app provides a perfect authority management mechanism.Managers can manage the aircraft and team, view flight data playback, statistical operation information, make operation management more convenient and efficient.