RTK differential suite

ToXGun RTK product is especially designed for the UAV high-precision flight of the industry. Coordinated with the base station, it can provide cm-level accurate positioning. Meanwhile, the configuration of two antennas can have accurate flight control positioning.

RTK differential suite

RTK differential suite

The differential module、
data transmission

Integrated mobile
base station

Radio differential

Utilize the mobile base station, have wider application, be able to provide accurate positioning to every district.

radio differential product is constituted by the integrated mobile base station, data transmission DATA-Link and differential module. The air terminal integrates the differential data sent by the base station and the signal measured on its own to carry out RTK calculating. Afterwards, it will be provided to the flight controller system to realize the cm-level high-precision positioning.

Provide high-precision positioning to area with no network coverage

Big power data transmission station

When flying near ground (<100m), the transmission distance can reach 2~3km. When flying in high sky (>300m), the transmission distance can reach more than 10km. In addition, the data link has high anti-interference ability, low bit error rate, stable and reliable performance.

One-to-many working mode

Several UAVs can simultaneously use one base station to achieve centimeter-level precision flight.

Mobile base station

The differential digital transmission ground terminal is a portable device that can meet the user's needs in different areas.

Network differential

The network differential product includes a communication module and a differential module.

The communication module is embedded with the QianxunSI service account, and can receive the location data sent by the QianxunSI CORS system through the network channel at anytime and anywhere.

The differential module achieves accurate cm-level positioning through calculating the data sent by the QianxunSI and the position data observed on its own.

QianXun SI
Public cos system

Portable carrying and convenient installation, be used in areas covered by network and QianxunSI

Convenient and portable, simple operation

When the network RTK product is used to connect with the public CORS system, the user does not need to set up the base station, but to carry the UAV only, so that the outgoing flight is freed from the heavy equipment, making the operation become more convenient.

Qianxun SI has multiple area coverage and more accurate positioning

QianxunSI CORS system is based on the differential positioning principle of RTK, relying on the satellite positioning base station enhancement site distributing throughout the whole country, integrating various positioning technologies, so as to provide 7*24 hour high-available differential broadcasting service through internet, confront to various terminals and application systems to 23 provinces and cities in China, and provide cm-level precision position correction data service. Through QianxunSI CORS system, the aircraft can realize the precise flight in China.