RTK differential suite

ToXGun RTK product is especially designed for the UAV high-precision flight of the industry. Coordinated with the base station, it can provide cm-level accurate positioning. Meanwhile, the configuration of two antennas can have accurate flight control positioning.

RTK differential suite

RTK differential suite

RTK differential suite Technical parameter

Basic parameter

Signal tracking GPS:L1,L2
First positioning time Cold start:<50s Hot start:<35s
Re-capture of the signal L1:<0.5s (typical value) 
L2: <1.0s (typical value)
Positioning accuracy Single-point accuracy:1.5m 
Floating solution accuracy:0.4m
Fixed solution accuracy:horizontal 0.01m, vertical 0.02m
RTK performance RTK initialization time <10s
Initialization confidence coefficient>99.99%
Data updating rate 5Hz

Electromechanical characteristics

Input voltage +5V±5%VDC
Power consumption <3W
Work temperature -40℃~+60℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+95℃

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