M2 multiple rotor flight controller

M2 flight controller is TopXGun flight control product of Mars series. It adopts TopXGun hardware architecture and control algorithm of the second generation. M2 flight controller is especially designed for the application of the UAV industry. It has an extremely high reliability and outstanding flight performance. M2 flight controller provides multi-platform SDK, supports the user to create individual UAV product and explore the application potential of the UAV.

M2 multiple rotor flight controller

M2 multiple rotor flight controller

Systematic solution

The flight controller M2 is equipped with the vehicle-mounted computing platform Apollo, M2 ground station, RTK differential system, data transmission module and gimbal pod. The entire system is stable, intelligent and precise, and it can be applicable to various complicated environment. It is suitable for the aerial mapping, pipe network inspection, security police, logistics and transportation and other fields, so as to provide users with a comprehensive application solution for the UAV industry.

M2 Ground Workstation RTK DATA link Pod Apollo

Reliable double redundancy system

Double GPS Double IMU

M2 flight controller focuses on product performance in design. It adopts brand-new multi-sensor integration algorithm, attitude and location control algorithm. At the same time, it supports cm-level high-precision positioning and remote data transmission, thus greatly promoting various performances of the UAV.

Strong product performance

High-precision IMU of Automobile-level sensor

M2 flight controller adopts the automotive-level gyroscope and accelerometer. The accuracy of the gyroscope is 20 times higher than that of the previous generation, and the seismic capacity is increased by 10 times. The accelerometer adopts the nitrogen damping design to provide higher vibration resistance and accuracy. Meanwhile, M2's IMU has a full temperature range calibration, combined with a brand-new sensor integration algorithm, the accuracy of attitude measurement can reach within 0.5 degrees.

Integrated flexible PCB design

IP65 protection level

Flexible shock resistance Electromagnetic compatibility IP65 Industry-level reliability

GPS/compass module and LIU module, IP65 protection level

Industry-level reliability, surge prevention, anti-static rating: 8000v

Industry application

UAV is equipped with M2 industry flight controller and Apollo vehicle-mounted computing platform, which is widely used in aerial surveying and mapping, pipe network inspection, security police, logistics and transportation industries. TopXGun goes deeply into the front line of the industry, listens to their voices, thinks as their wishes, and combines the flight control technology to create customized applications for the industry to meet the operational needs of various industries.