M2 multiple rotor flight controller

M2 flight controller is TopXGun flight control product of Mars series. It adopts TopXGun hardware architecture and control algorithm of the second generation. M2 flight controller is especially designed for the application of the UAV industry. It has an extremely high reliability and outstanding flight performance. M2 flight controller provides multi-platform SDK, supports the user to create individual UAV product and explore the application potential of the UAV.

M2 multiple rotor flight controller

M2 multiple rotor flight controller

M2 multiple rotor flight controller Technical parameter

Basic parameter

Flight mode Attitude mode; GPS mode
Support machines Quad-rotor(model I, model X)
Hexa-rotor(model I, model V)
Octo-rotor(model I, model V)
Protective function RC fail safe protection, low voltage protection, broken propeller protection (hexa or octo axes)

Flight characteristics

Hover accuracy Horizontal direction: ±1.5 meter
Vertical direction: ±0.5 meter
Maximum inclining angle 35°
Maximum yaw speed 100°/s
Maximum vertical speed 6 m/s
Maximum horizontal speed 25 m/s(attitude mode)
Maximum waypoint number 128
Wind resistance Lasting wind: grade 5, gust: grade 6

Electromechanical characteristics

PMU output power 9V 3.5A
Power consumption 4W
Work temperature -20℃~80℃
Seismic peak 6G

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