Special agriculture protection accessories

Special accessories have outstanding performance, supplement each other and stimulate the ultimate potential of agriculture protection operation.

Special agriculture protection accessories

Special agriculture protection accessories

Terrain following radar

Terrain following radar altimeter now takes lead in the domestic agriculture protection UAV technology. In the complicated agriculture coverage terrain, especially the paddy field, it can work stably and continuously, realizing the accurate spraying of the agriculture protection UAV.

Accurate altitude hold

It can accurately perceive the distance between the UAV and the agriculture, maintaining the unchanged distance between the UAV and the agriculture in operating. It can realize the terrain following flying, with the precision reaching cm-level.

Small size and low consumption

TopXGun terrain following radar adopts MMIC scheme of high integration. It is designed with light weight, low consumption(1.6W) and small size(92x63x6mm).

Strong anti-interference capability

The low sidelobe design of the antenna makes the radar less susceptible to interference from ground clutter and targets out of the main beam.

Obstacle avoidance radar

The high-precision radar of the new generation enables the agriculture machine to perceive the obstacle within 20m during flying, so as to dramatically increase the safety of agriculture protection operation.

  • High sensitivity, detect the obstacles such as the lead pole, road lamp, tree and so on in advance

  • Its perceiving distance is 20m, and it can accurately detect the relative distance with the object in the front

Liquid level sensor

The liquid level sensor uses the advanced signal processing technology and high-speed signal processing chip.
The product is applicable to the outer wall of non-metallic containers, and there is no need to have direct contact with liquids. So, it will not be corroded by corrosive liquids such as strong acid and alkali, and not affected by scale or other impurities.

Flowmeter Sensor

The flowmeter sensor is a device used by the spraying system to monitor the flow rate and flow quantity of the liquid. It can monitor the flow rate and achieve precise spraying.
The real-time spraying flow can be displayed in the TopXGun agricultural APP. The auxiliary equipment-flying hand can control the fertilizer amount discharged per minute according to the crop condition, and the statistical error is ≤5%.

Anti-drip nozzle

High-pressure fan nozzle, the range of atomized particles of liquid medicine is 130 ~ 250um, which can effectively prevent dripping and leakage of liquid medicine, save chemical dosage and ensure spray uniformity.


The agricultural protection machine is equipped with an independent control system of double pumps, which can be applied with the flight speed and precise variables to avoid pesticide damage


The wide-angle FPV camera and high-definition image transmission function cooperate with each other, which can clearly present the scene in front of the plant protection machine on the APP to ensure the operation safety and improve the operation efficiency.