Argus pod is a microminiature tri-axis gimbal camera with 12 mega-pixel and 14 times zoom(3.5 optical*4 digit), and it supports image track. The pod weight is about 275g, which is applicable to almost all UAVs.



ARGUS pod Image transmission of the air end Image transmission of the ground end Display terminal

One-stop task system

TopXGun task equipment system is constituted by the pod series, data chain series and open-type software platform. The rich equipment selection greatly satisfies the application demands of different subdivided industries. Once it is matched and used with TopXGun flying control series, it can achieve high integration of products, and can be used independently or in combination with third-party network transmission and flight control.

High Pixel High Accuracy

Sony sensor

It adopts Sony sensor, has 12 mega-pixel, reaches 4k video recording. The image is more refined and the details are clearer. It still has 3.5 times zoom. It adopts tri-axis high-precision autostability gimbal technology. The autostability precision can reach ±0.008°. Even in high-speed flight, the image can still be maintained stable and clear.

Intelligent tracking

Argus supports the image tracking function, which is conducive for tracking the moving target.



The overall weight is 275g, so as to greatly reduce the carrying demand of the flying platform.

GPS and other information records

Through CAN trunk, the pod and flight control communication can be realized, so as to write the GPS information, altitude information and gimbal position and angle information into the picture property or video title document for easier summary and better practicability.

Removable and easy operation

Tool-free remove design, be convenient for the platform to have different devices, fast assembling and transport. Pointing zoom, one-click centralization, operate the pod with mouse or touch screen, easier operation and more accurate operation.

Open SDK

Open SDK is convenient for user integration and secondary development, become the personalized product.


Conduct resource and environment monitoring, forest fire monitoring and rescue command and so on in the forests unreachable by vehicles and human beings, have real-time monitoring to various links of forest manufacturing, effectively prevent from the generation of forest fire, accidental natural disaster and other phenomena.