Argus pod is a microminiature tri-axis gimbal camera with 12 mega-pixel and 14 times zoom(3.5 optical*4 digit), and it supports image track. The pod weight is about 275g, which is applicable to almost all UAVs.

ARGUS pod Technical parameter

Overall parameter
Product name ARGUS zoom pod
Work voltage 12V-25V
Power 6W
Weight 285g
Size(length*width*height) 96*79*120mm
Interface type internet access
Display control mode Windows PC or Android cellphone, tablet
Ambient parameter
Work temperature -10°~60°
Storage temperature -20°~70°
Gimbal parameter
Angular jitter ±0.01°
Installation means dismountable
Controllable rotation scope pitch +70° to -110° , heading: ±300°
Structure design scope pitch: +75° to -100° , heading: ±310°, rolling: +90° to﹣50°
Maximum control speed pitch 120º/s;heading 180º/s
Camera parameter
Sensor CMOS: 1/2.3″; Pixel: 12.71million; Resolution: 4152*3062
Lens 3.5 times optical zoom lens F 3.85~13.4mm
Minimum photograph distance: 1mm~3mm(close-remote)
Field angle(horizontal)
Image storage format JPEG
Video storage format MP4
Work mode recording, photographing
Mist penetration electronic
Exposure mode automatic exposure/manual exposure
Resolution rate 25fps(3840*2160)
Maximum snap resolution rate
Minimum illuminance colorful:0.5Lux/F2.4;
2D denoise support
3D denoise support
Electronic shutter 1/3~1/30000 second
Exposure automatic mode
Information video overlaying|(OSD) support
Pointing zoom support
Range of pointing zoom 1-3.5 times optical
One key shrinkage to singe-time image support
Category of the supported memory card Micro SD card 128G(maximum)

ARGUS pod Download support

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