Agriculture Drones for Spraying

Reliable · Efficient · Durable · Easy-to-use

Precise Positioning : Safe Flight

  • It uses RTK Technology for positioning, supporting Beidou / GPS / GLONASS at the same time, and is equipped with dual anti-inference antenna to ensure centimeter-level accuracy.
  • The front and rear obstacle avoidance radars offers ± 10cm accuracy, effectively avoiding obstacles such as utility poles and trees.
  • A magnetic compass is equipped to ensure the drone flies straight in the right direction even when RTK is unavailable.
  • Independent landing lights are provided for safe operation at night.

High Efficiency with Best Value

  • 60-100 times higher efficiency than manual spraying.
  • F10 spays 43 ha(105 acres) per day (8 hours).
  • F12 sprays 60 ha (148 acres) per day (8 hours).
  • F16 spays 67 ha(165 acres) per day (8 hours).

Precise and Even spraying with
High Efficiency and Good Penetration

  • Double pumps are equipped. The max flow rate for 4 nozzles is 2.7 L/min.Upgrade to 8 nozzles for a max flow rate of 3.5 L/min and upgrade to 8 nozzles and 2 flow meters for a max flow rate of 4.5 L/min.
  • High-pressure fan-shaped nozzles, providing fine atomization with a mean droplet diameter of 170 - 265 μm.
  • Precise metering system to avoid insufficient spraying/overdose. Real-time display of remaining volume on the RC display.
  • Quadcopters have larger propellers creating stable downward wind, leading to better penetration of chemicals compared with hexacopters and Octocopters.

Easy to Operate, Quick to Start

· 5.5 inch high brightness display for the RC ensurers clear outdoor image . Battery lasts for 6-8 hours.

· Multiple operation modes: A-B point, manual and autonomous. Simple setup to quickly start operation.

· Comprehensive training is offered to help users independently operate in 3 days and become skillful in 7 days.

Durable, Foldable and Easy to Transport

  • Foldable design for easy storage and transportation.
  • Though and durable. Metal frame and carbon fiber boom. Durable folding mechanism.
  • IP67 waterproof body. Shell can be washed with running water after operation.

Timely After-sales Service to Protect Your Interests

Online support from the company's technical team.

Modular design: users can replace certain damaged modules by themselves instead of returning the drone to manufacturer.

More Advanced Technology Makes the Drone Smarter

  • Terrain following radar is equipped to adjust the altitude of the drone to ensure flight safety and even spraying.
  • Predict the breakpoint according to the route plan so that users can wisely arrange the timing for refill to improve battery efficiency .
  • FPV (First-person view) enables user to see the environment in front of the drone in real time on the mobile phone.
  • The app “Plant Protection Assistant” installed on the RC provides access to operation data. Useful functions include route planning, voice broadcast, field management, operation area statistics, etc.