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T1 Flight Controller is a multi-rotor flight control system for commercial and industrial applications, which incorporates a high-precision sensor for stable and reliable flight.


T1 Multi-rotor flight controller

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Point to fly

T1 supports the point to fly mode. After setting the point, multi-rotor will automatically fly to the target point according to the instruction, which has achieved full autonomous flight.

Waypoint planning

You can preset the waypoints on the ground station. T1 supports 128 waypoints at most.

Failsafe Function

When R/C signal is lost, the system will enter into the failsafe protection mode, and the aircraft will return to the takeoff point.

Low voltage protection

In order to avoid serious consequences such as crashing which are caused by low voltage, T1 flight control designs two low voltage protection measures to support user-defined settings.

IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control )

During normal flight, the front direction of the aircraft is always consistent with the nose of it. After intelligent orientation control is enabled, the flight of the aircraft is independent of the nose of the aircraft during flight.

Multi-platform assistant software & ground station

Ground Station and assistant software are supported by PC as well as mobile devices (Bluetooth module). Through the customized datalink, you can operate aircraft by PC, ipad and Android equipment,then it is easy to achieve over-visual flight.

Motor Fail Protection

For aircrafts with more than 6 rotors, the T1 flight control system has motor fail protection when a motor is broken. Under the premise of sufficient power, when the aircraft accidentally lose the impetus output of a certain propeller, the aircraft can continue to maintain the flying posture by sacrificing the control of the yaw axis. At this point, the aircraft can continue to be manipulated and return safely, which greatly reduces the risk of crashing.

Support 9 commonly used multiple rotor platforms

T1 supports the following four types:
Quadcopter: I4,X4;
Hexacopter: I6,X6,Y6,IY6 
Octocopter: X8,I8,V8

Strong interference immunity to magnetic fields

When interfered by magnetic field, the aircraft will rotate or even crash out of control.
T1 flight controller is specifically algorithm in order to withstand more interference.

High performance expansibility

T1 adopts special design, it can be connected to external high performance IMU. Compared with the general industrial grade flight controller, the external IMU has higher control accuracy and reliability. In case the external IMU fails, flight controller will switch to internal IMU to ensure the flight safety.

Built- in damping design

T1 flight controller adopts self-designed build-in damping structure, which not only improves the stability, but also simplifies the installation steps.

Original chip, excellent workmanship

T1 uses CNC aluminum case and the original chip. From outside to inside, TopXGun’s persistent pursuit of the perfect quality reflects everywhere. GPS module uses M8N so that satellite search ability is better and flight is more stable.

Stable and reliable

T1 with higher accuracy performance innovative damping structure and material bult-in damping design which gives the aircraft high reliability. Aiming at the problem of magnetic field interference, T1 optimized the algorithm, and the endurance of magnetic field interference is stronger, and the stability of the flight is improved.

T1Multi-rotor flight controllerTechnical Parameter

Home Flight control products T1 Technical Parameter

Basic Parameter

Supported multi-rotor platforms Quad I, Quad X; Hexa I, Hexa V, Hexa IY, Hexa YI, Special-shaped Quda with six propellers;
Octo I, Octo V, Octo X,
Special-shaped Hexa with eight propellers
ESC PWM ESC with output lower than 400HZ
Max. output channels 8
Recommended radio controller PCM or 2.4GHZ , at least 7 channels controller
Receivers S.BUS、PPM and PWM
Number of CPU cores 5-core
Working voltage 2~6S
Power consumption >5W
Working temperature -10℃~60℃
Storage temperature -40℃~85℃
Anti-vibration grade >3.03gRMS

Flight Characteristics

Hovering accuracy Horizontal ±1.5m
Vertical ±0.8m
Max. tilt angle 35°
Max. yaw speed 100m/s
Max. vertical speed 6m/s
Max. horizontal speed 25 m/s
Max. way-point 128
Max. wind resistance Sustained wind level:V Gusts level: VI

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  • Come to TopXGun and witness easy indoor control of drone by T1 flight controller


  • T1 flight controller - magnetic noise source & height-locking


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Documents & Drivers

  • Download

    T1 user manual V1.4


  • Download

    Ground Station V1.0


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  • Download

    Adjustable parameter softwareV1.4


  • Download

    Groundstation softwareV1.51


TopXGun App

IOSAdjustable parameter softwareV1.3

Adjustable parameter software V1.3(IOS)


IOSGroundstation softwareV1.21

fix bug


T1Multi-rotor flight controllerFAQ

Home Flight control products T1 FAQ


  • Calibration accuracy of magnetic compass isn’t workable.

    1、Setting problem of remote controller

    Solution: check whether setting remote controller channel is correct.

    2、Flight controller doesn't enter in calibration mode


    (1)Correct operation of the dial and rotation . Follow instruction sheet

    (2)Check whether there is a metal magnet around, such as strong magnetic interference.


    3、Calibration rotation angle is not correct or speed too fast

    Solution: keep horizontal and vertical rotation, it is better to keep the speed which is not very fast.

    4、Hardware problem

    Solution: contact manufacturer to solve problem and replace new hardware

  • The speed of connecting navigation satellite is slow.

    To get signal from 7 satellites, it takes 1 minute in cold start and 20 seconds in hot start. Because the GPS module only uses the high quality GPS signal, so the signal quality requirements are higher.


    1、The weather condition has a certain degree of influence on the search speed.

    2、Shelter from high objects

    Solution Use in wide and open place 

  • Unable to unlock?

    1、The channel of receiver and remote controller is wrong.

    Solution:Check the channel of receiver and remote controller is correct..


    2、The remote controller calibration is wrong

    Solution:Recalibrate the remote controller and check whether sliding block of software is in position(Pitch channel goes down then sliding block goes to the right )

    3、The idle speed of some ESC is high that can not reach the minimum deblocking idle speed.

    Solution: Push the throttle to see whether there is motor rotation, if yes, it is ok to use

    4、Wrong ESC

    Solution :calibrate ESC (follow instruction sheet)


  • There are inconsistencies between remote-control lever and flight controller.

    1、The remote controller calibration is wrong



    Recalibrate the remote controller and check whether sliding block of software is in position(Pitch channel goes down then sliding block goes to the right )


    2、Mis connection


    Check whether the electrical wiring sequence and positive and negative propeller of the installation is correct.


  • How to do when aircraft fuselage is tilt?

    1、The remote controller calibration is wrong

    Solution:Open software to adjust parameter then recalibrate remote controller

    2、Horizontal calibration

    Solution: Follow instruction sheet

    3、Mis connection


    Solution:Check whether the electrical wiring sequence and positive and negative propeller of the installation is correct.

  • How to do if aircraft doesn’t go straight?

    1、Magnetic compass error

    Solution: recheck magnetic compass


    2、The remote controller calibration is wrong


    Solution   Recalibrate remote controller 

    3、Blade damage

    Solution Replace blade

  • How to do when there is deviation in mode of positioning ?

    1、Frame is affected by vibration

    Solution Fix the frame, fold paddle connection pieces and reduce the frame vibration

    Solution fix frame

    2、Affected by heavy wind

    3、Affected by ground effect at low flight attitude

    Solution : up to the higher attitude

    4、There is error in remote calibration ,because the pole position is not in the middle.


    Solution: recheck remote controller


    5、 poor GPS signal

    Solution: choose the wide and open place to fly


  • How to do when there is a big deviation in automatic-return?

    1、There is no GPS signal when it takes off and some difference between return point and actual start point.


    (1)get the GPS signal steadily before takes off

    (2)The orientation of the aircraft can be adjusted during back to the takeoff point, but not its position.In the landing process to the take-off point, its orientation can be adjusted by turned over, pitch and heading shift. 

    (3)You can exit by click the button of ‘Return’ or shift attitude mode.

    2、   poor GPS signal

    solution: choose the wide and open place to fly

  • The multi-rotor takes wrong nose head in mode of intelligent orientation.

    1、operator position moving

    Solution:recognize original heading orientation after moving

    2、Heading orientation is not as same as operator’s forwarding position when it takes off

    Solution: recognize the orientation of heading, it is better to keep the same orientation with operator


  • How to set intelligent orientation and automatic-return?

    Intelligent orientation: 

    when CH5 channel at 2 switch,the low place is attitude mode;the  high one is GPS mode;

    When CH5 channel at  3 switch, the low place is attitude mode;the middle one is intelligent orientation mode;the  high one is GPS mode;


    CH6 channel can be fixed as a button of auto-return. You can turn off controller power to check whether sliding block is in the lost-control position when adjust parameter.


  • What’s the longest distance between shafts that multi-rotor is workable in wind resistance?

    1、Generally, it can hold 4-grade wind , but there are still some  differences depending on the aircraft wheel base and weight.

    2、Test the wheelbase can be up to 1600 mm, it is recommended that the user select the frame within1000 mm

  • When software used for adjust parameters is not workable, how to figure it out?

    1、Whether installment is right or wrong.


    ⑴Check whether installment of software driver is fit for operation system.

    ⑵ Connect flight controller with computer, check whether thereis port number for            port in device manager.

    ⑶Turn off power and restart.

    2、Check whether USB wire damaged.


    Replace USB wire

    3、Problems caused by operation system


    It’s recommended to use original or purified operation system, because some non-official operation systems lack of of files.