Agricultural protection solution

TopXGun agricultural protection solution adopts the brand-new T-series agricultural protection UAV, carries the flight controller especially for agricultural protection and the agricultural intelligent data processing platform, dual-pump accurate measuring and spraying system combines the FPV, obstacle avoidance and other auxiliary operation systems to realize the accurate agricultural protection operation, making the agricultural protection operation become simpler and safer.

Customization of the complete agricultural protection UAV system

Power system RTK helical antenna Dual pump Terrain following radar FPV Folding mechanism Intelligent battery Anti-drip nozzle Chemical tank Obstacle avoidance radar

Intelligent management, convenient and efficient

Automatic planning of the flight route, one-key to fly, one-key return and landing, voice broadcasting, intelligent assistant to promote the operation and control experience. Intelligent spraying setting, precise calculation of the operation area, automatic generation of the operation report, precise spraying and efficient fertilizing. Flight management, operation team management, task management, promote operation efficiency by team cooperation

Safe and reliable, assured operation

Electronic control system upgrading, dual-redundancy configuration, industrial calibration, built-in damping structure, dramatically improve the safety performance of agricultural protection operation. Agricultural protection platform made of high-strength carbon fiber has slight and firm structure. The surrounding folding design saves space and is convenient for transition.

Detect the obstacle

In flying, the agricultural protection machine can perceive the direction and distance of the obstacle through the real-time scanning of the obstacle-avoidance radar in the front and at the back. When the obstacle enters the warning area, the aircraft will automatically stop and record the interruption coordinate point. By controlling the agricultural protection machine to bypass the obstacles in the front, rear, left and right directions by the lever, it can automatically return to the preset projection point of the route and continue the operation.

Intelligent scanning, precise terrain following

The high-precision terrain following radar of the second generation can have real-time perception of the distance between the agricultural protection machine and the agriculture to be applied. Through continuous adjustment of the control system, it ensures that the distance between the agricultural protection machine and the vegetation remains unchanged, to as to ensure the spraying uniformity.Depending on the actual application environment, the sensitivity of the terrain following radar can be adjusted to suit most crops and terrains.

Precise spraying, avoid repeated or missed spraying

The dual-pump independent control system can further expand the flow space according to the flying speed coordinated work, so as to ensure the spraying uniformity. Equipped with the high-precise flowmeter, it can realize the precise application, and the statistical error is ≤5%.

Cm-level positioning, precise direction

The agriculture protection UAV is equipped with the RTK system to realize high-precision flight and provide cm-level positioning. At the same time, it is equipped with dual antenna configuration for accurate direction of the flight control. Then there is no need to worry about the interference of the magnetic compass.